"Here's a lad after my own heart," beams the dwarf, and heartily slaps you on the back.

"What a bother," whines the elf. "What am I going to tell Mother? I can't very well write her a letter and tell her that I'm going to have to miss her birthday due to civic duty. 'Dear Mother, terribly sorry I can't make it to the bash, have to risk life and limb and immortal soul battling the Dark Evil Demon Overlord of the Forever Wood, give my regards to Daddy.' Do you have any idea how badly she'd sulk?"

The small, child-like creature looks almost as pleased as the dwarf. "Blood?" it asks hopefully.

"Er, yes," the warrioress says. "Hopefully not ours."
She turns to the dwarf. "With all due respect, I'm not sure that we're entirely ready to take on the Dark Evil Demon Overlord himself. Sure, we may be able to club a few squadrons of Squirrel-Men into submission, but without a proper Charismatic Leader and Loveable Lunkhead Barbarian, we won't make it past the Overlord's palace gates. Why don't we go back to the town, and see if we can't find someone to volunteer for Lunkhead-duty?"

As you try to make a graceful exit, the warrioress grabs you by the arm.
"Oh no you don't," she hisses, and you wince as her grip tightens. "You got us into this mess, and you're going to see us through!"

It looks like you're in for an adventure of some sort. You hope that a happily-ever-after will await you at the end of it.