It is not without some misgivings that you approach the motley band of dwarves and elves. As you come closer, you can make out their words...

"It is our duty, as responsible citizens of the state of Midnight, to go out and defeat the Monstrosity!" argues the heavily armoured-dwarf.

"Oh, you and your darned sense of duty," sniffs the elf, and draws his velvet cloak around him. "If I had my druthers, whatever druthers are, we'd be in a nice warm inn right now, carousing like there's no tomorrow."

The dwarf bristles. "If that isn't the most irresponsible, selfish---"

"You're all prejudiced against me, just because I'm a sickly frail elven mage with a mysterious past as dark and richly multilayered as my cloak, and an equally mysterious and tragic future!"

"No," interrupts the warrioress. "We're all prejudiced against you because every time you go to a tavern, you get roaring drunk, spill mead all over the front of my dress, and spent the next two weeks complaining of a hangover."

The elf sneers. "You call that a dress?"

"Blood," says the small, child-like creature. "I thirst for blood.... Say, I know. Why don't we attack that nice band of merry thieves over there? That way, there'll be blood and a nice big reward from the king. Teehee."

An awkward silence falls over the misfit band of heroes.

The warrioress sees you, and desperately suggests:
"Why don't we let this utterly impartial and hopefully non-homicidal stranger decide what we should do?"




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