Exhausted by your long travel, you enter the inn, hoping to find some place to rest your wearied soles. The patrons of the Tavern Inn all turn to look at you, then go back to their conversations and arguments. You approach a barmaid and quickly explain your situation.

The barmaid arches an eyebrow. "You've come all the way from the Midnight Forest? How... impressive. You must have a great deal of stamina."

She goes to have a huddled discussion with the heavy set man at the bar and another, older bar maid. The man eventually approches you, and extends his hand.

"I'm the owner of the Tavern Inn," he says. "My daughter tells me you've travelled quite a ways to get here. You're welcome to stay the night... provided you work for your room and board," he adds with a smile.

Sleepily, you nod.

"Excellent!" beams the owner. "We'll set you to gathering firewood and cooking for the other guests in no time! A man with as much stamina as yourself should have no problems..." He prattles on as he leads you up a rickety flight of stairs to your sleeping quarters. You occasionally make sounds of agreement, and think about how wonderful it will be to slumber on a firm bed with clean white sheets, with a straw-filled pillow beneath your head.

And it is.