"We're going to WHAT?!" bellows a big, burly man. His considerable bulk, combined with the violent green of his clothing, gives him an uncanny resemblance to a perambulatory pumpkin... if pumpkins grew to be over seven feet tall.

"No, no," the young woman insists. "You have to listen. Really listen."

"The point in robbing the rich and giving to the poor," the big man growls, "is that rich people have more gold! So we can give more gold to more poor people!"

"Yes, yes, we all know that," the young woman soothes. "But rich people have a tendency to use their 'more gold' to hire 'more guards'. Which makes it 'more trouble' to part said rich people from our hard-earned gold. Whereas the newly-emerging middle class, still heady from having escaped poverty and unused to their wealth, are far less likely to hire guards of a sufficient caliber to actually give us any trouble. Incidentally, we really need to do away with this out- moded concept of 'giving to the poor'. Rather, we should concentrate our efforts on eradicating the social conditions which cause and maintain the state of poverty that these unfortunate people are in. As the great philosopher Dworkin said..."

The young woman continues her impassioned speech, despite her restless audience. At this rate, it looks like it'll be quite some time before anyone gets robbed.

Congratulating yourself on a job well done, you go on your way.