As wonderful as it would be to quench your thirst and rest your body, you feel compelled to continue on the path you have chosen. Night falls. You continue walking. The bright full moon gives you enough light to walk by. Your body seems tireless, as the scenery around you blends together into a montage of dry river beds, water-carved gullies, and narrow river valleys hemmed in by the craggy mountain side; however, your mind feels faint from the endless progression of footstep after footstep. You wonder if this path will ever end...

As you leave yet another shadowy valley, you find that it opens out into a pale, sandy beach. Before you is a tranquil sea, the undulating waves barely disturbing its calm. The soft sigh of the waves fills you with a peaceful sense of understanding.

This is what you came to find.

You find a good-sized boulder, its smooth sides free of barnacles or unexpected tide-pools. Nestling into its concavity, you close your eyes and sink into the deep sleep of exhaustion.