You cautiously move towards the rustling sounds. They seem to be coming from a large berry bush, which is currently shaking violently from side to side. After a brief crescendo of cracking branches and munching sounds, the bush becomes still.
A lone leaf flutters to the ground.

As you hold your breath, a strange creature emerges from the now-tattered foliage.

It appears to be a small horse, about waist-high, with a mane the colour of moonlight and eyes like obsidian. From its forehead grows a single spiral horn, shimmering in the sunlight like mother-of-pearl. It burps at you.

You stare at it in wonder.

The creature looks at you curiously.

After a few moments of mutual contemplation, the horned horse seems to lose interest in the staring contest, and begins to trot off.

When you fail to follow it, it comes back to you and gently, firmly, takes your sleeve in its mouth and tugs on it.

Apparently, you're in for another adventure... whether you wish it or not.