Well, I've made it this far, you think to yourself. I may as well climb all the way to the top.

With these fateful (?) words, you step on to the steep mountain trail.

The trail weaves in and out of woods as it doubles back on itself repeatedly on its way to the summit. Sometimes the moonlight filters through the tree-branches, dappling the ground you walk on; other times you come through a clearing, into bright, moonlit rocky terrain. There is an otherworldly sense of calm surrounding you as you continue your hike.

Finally, you emerge from between the trees to find yourself, as they say, on the top of the world.

The countryside spreads out beneath you; in the shadow of the mountains, some small villages give off light from their tiny fires. Further off, you can see the rolling hills and the dark forest from whence you came.

As you survey your surroundings, the far eastern sky becomes lighter, going from night-blue to pale blue-white, finally becoming a rose-tinged golden colour.

Slowly, majestically, the sun rises.