Kaylee the PostPet Cat's Diary, for July 20th

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Note: Due to the fact that Kaylee's PostPet friends live all around the world, and also because some people set their clocks forward 12 hours to trick their PostPets into coming home sooner, the dates may appear to be a little off.

The spelling and punctuation were left exactly as Kaylee wrote them... I hope this adds to everyone's understanding of PostPets!

I went to Mazurka' house on July,20.

I played with Mimi
I was patted a lot.

I went to Jennifer' house on July,20.

I played with Teddy 2
It's like a UFO.

Editor's Note: Apparently, Teddy 2 was in the Star Trek room at the time.

I went to Becca LeAnn' house on July,20.

Jada was not there.
I was slapped once.
I was patted quite a lot.
It was so much...

Here ends day 32 of Kaylee's Internet Diary (I know for sure because her screen display suddenly started showing proper numbers for her age.) Her daily activities, in her own words. (See the V-Pet Diary for her activities in my words.)

Most of the people listed here are also in my Mini-PostPet Directory, so feel free to e-mail them from there.... but remember, PostPet (and, come to think of it, e-mail and all other communication) is all about improving human relationships. Do NOT spam, be rude to, or abuse other PostPet and E-mail users, or their pets... 'Cause that's just plain rude.

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