My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A kurichi animation

January 25th

A mohitamachi animation

This being a friend's birthday, I treated him to a showing of Tomorrow Never Dies, the new James Bond movie featuring the delectable Pierce Brosnan and the lovely Michelle Yeoh (sp?).

Shortly thereafter, I presented him with his Osuchi. We hatched them almost simultaneously, according to my friend's watch. Due to a minor foul-up (performed by me) the Mesuchi is about 1 minute ahead of the Osuchi, and both are 3 minutes behind my other watches and tams. In honour of the movie that we shared, my friend suggested that we name them "Pierce" (Osuchi, or male) and "Michelle" (Mesuchi).

The white one with green decals and illustrations is (the same as) Pierce. The pink one with white writing is Michelle. You might not be able to tell in the pic, but Pierce has a male/mars symbol on his removable egg-top.

They both started out in eggs; Pierce's egg markings were bigger than Michelle's, which look like stars or flowers.

Then they hatched. The new positioning of the icons made it easy to care for them. They looked so happy when eating and playing... their "happy sun marks" were tiny, like the stars in the background of the Death Screen of the US tams. However, their poops were tiny as the ones for King Pets and Octopets, so they were very hard to spot! So were their tiny little illness-skulls.

Sometime around 4:50, I tried to check on Michelle, and was horrified to discover that her eyes were closed, and her mouth was gaping open. I uttered a tiny shriek and turned to my friend for comfort, who said: "Oh look, they've fallen asleep."

I looked closer and indeed, Michelle was asleep what looked like a little white cardboard box. I turned out the lights for her.

Shortly after she awoke, I tried to check her meter levels and discovered that she had transformed into...


A maruchi with a mohawk! She was still 0yrs old, and her weight was now 10 grams. She's so unattractive when she eats... I don't have a pic yet, but if my dad ever gets me Win95, I will download the tamagotchi animation maker and try to replicate her face. My friend, who is more nuturing and charitable than I *snicker*, merely noted that "Ouch! Michelle's bigger and stronger than Pierce now!"

By the time I went home (5pm-ish) Pierce still hadn't transformed. A pity: I was looking forward to finding out what the transformation music was like.

Sometime around 7 pm, Michelle called me. She was missing a heart each, so I tried to feed her, but she just shook her head! I scolded her, she cried and made blip-blip sounds, and a while later she fell asleep in her little futon.

My friend called later (that is to say, he telephoned me later) and told me that the same thing had happened with Pierce. Somehow, he didn't sound as gleeful as me about the crying contrite tama... he sounded quite upset, actually.

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