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A mohitamachi animation

January 26th

A mohitamachi animation

Today was a school day, which meant that I didn't get to take perfect care of Michelle. I could only care for her between classes, so she frequently went down to 2 hearts each. Ironically, she only went down to one heart each once today... after I'd gotten home from school.

She was selfish a whopping 3 times today; once at 10:44 pm, right in the middle of my French class; then again at 12:59 pm; then finally at 3:14 pm.

In other words, she was selfish every 2h and 15 minutes; much more punctual than my previous tams! Now that I've had a chance to get used to her, she doesn't seem nearly so horrible as I first thought. Still, I can't wait 'til she changes next... tomorrow, perhaps?

Her poops are the same size as normal tams now; and her happy suns are actually bigger. A normal tam's happy sun looks something like this:
* * *
* O *
* * *

Michelle's is more like:
\ * /
* O *
/ * \

Oddly enough, Michelle called me again at 7:44 pm. Since all her hearts were full, and she refused to play, I had no choice but to scold her. *sigh* This is turning out to be just like the King Pet... multiple selfish calls despite a full discipline meter, I mean.

I will post up my friend's observations on Pierce later on, assuming that he fulfils his promise to send me helpful notes.

Tuxedo Prime notes:

9:02. Play Resumed [Pierce had fallen asleep mid-game the day before]

9:19 Paused

9:35 Thawed

9:37 Flushed

9:43 Fed x1 Played x1

9:45 Paused

6:35 Restart (thawed, that is -- I didn't reset or re-hatch...)

7:00 Fed x1 Played x1

7:33 Fed x1 Played x1

7:48 Called for no reason. Disciplined.

8:00 Bedtime.

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