My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

An ojochi animation

January 27th

A mohitamachi animation

Today was a busy day for my tams and I. I spent nearly 2 hours on the university library computers, updating my geocities page and checking e-mail. This is the first time I've tried to use Netscape while editing, and I have just one comment:

WHY THE #@$! can't IExplorer become EZUpload capable?! It would so much more convenient...

Anyhow, I still hadn't gotten e-mail from my stupid friend with the Osuchi, so I couldn't do anything with the Wedding Tam diary. Instead, I decided to make sure all the links were working.

Michelle was selfish twice again today: at 1:24 pm and 3:48 pm. At least, those were the only calls I heard. I may have missed some while I was updating my stuff...

At around 6:29 pm, Michelle suddenly became ill! I gave her two doses of medicine, and she made a face at me; no angry marks for the first dose, though.

I rejoiced, thinking that she would transform sometime tomorrow; after all, most tams transform 7 hours after getting sick.

Imagine my surprise, then, when 10 minutes later (while drying the dishes) I heard a panicky blipping coming from Michelle! By the time I got to her, it was too late...

I'd missed seeing her transform. :( But her new form was so cute, I couldn't help but smile.

I used to think that it looked like a cute little dancing hamster, but my sister pointed out that it was "just a tamachi with hair and a ribbon on its head".

You can't quite tell from the pic, but this new girl-tamachi no longer jogs on the spot; she sort of shifts from side to side while jogging, like the babies do.

When she turns 3/4 sideways to shake her head or eat, you can really tell that those things on her head are a ribbon, and not ears. A pity, really; I think ears would be cuter.

Also, the new girl-tamachi has no teeth. Instead, she has a sort of turtle beak. And when she's happy, she stands tippy-toed on her left foot! (the foot on your right)

She's so adorable... Unfortunately, my "friend" *grrrr* paused Pierce yesterday while at work, so he'll probably transform tomorrow. I was hoping that I could mate them on Friday, but it looks like it is not to be.

I just noticed that Michelle spent nearly 49h and 30 mins as a mohawked maruchi. Most of my other tams also spent about 49h real time as a ton/maruchi. They also spent about 73 h as a tongari or tamachi. Michelle should transform at about 8:30pm on Friday, then, and be ready for mating by Saturday. So I guess my little plan wasn't possible in the first place.
*sad face*

Tuxedo Prime notes:

Pierce has had a very placid day -- he just floated back and forth... He did cry twice, though. [ie, he was selfish twice].

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