My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

An ojochi animation

January 28th

A obochi animation

Today, Michelle was selfish twice; once around 10:44am, during class, and then again around 3:14 pm or so.

In other news, my friend came to visit me, and let me take care of Pierce.

Sometime around 4:40 pm, I had a weird hunch and asked him to take Pierce out of his pocket. Just as I suspected, Pierce had the little skull hanging over him.

My friend quickly gave him two doses of medicine. Then, about 10 minutes later, we heard the shimmery noise, and I finally got to see the transformation sequence!

Black and White bands seemed to wash over the screen (it was hard to tell, since we were in a badly lit bus). Then, Pierce reappeared on the screen, writhing a little, and two little arms and two stubby legs sprouted out of him!

Isn't he adorable?! My friend noted that he had a little "Elvis-kinda thing" going with his hair. Still, I'd rather have an Elvis-chi than a Mohawk-chi (no offense intended to the good people of the Mohawk nation).

One disturbing thing happened, though; his Discipline went from 100% to 0%.

I've only had that happen with the tams that later became secret characters. Since the secret character for Osuchi looks to be an unmateable alcoholic oyajitchi, I'm more than a little worried...

I really hope they'll be mateable. Since my friend's busy for the rest of the week, I've asked him to call me on the day after Pierce's transformation to let me know what happens when the mate icon is selected.

If Pierce looks eager/happy, then he's mateable. If he gets upset, then he's not mateable, and I'm going to be a little ticked.

PS: We gave Pierce and Michelle a snack/candy each. Apparently, the food changes with each generations; assuming that there will be a next generation, it will be nice to have a reference point.

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