My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pyonkochi animation

January 30th

A obochi animation

Once again, I wasted my two hour lunch break on-line (at my school library) trying to update my page and searching for virtual critters to adopt.

Michelle wasn't too much trouble, especially since her cousin JJ passed on.

I got to see the person raising my Osuchi briefly, and I got to see sweet little Pierce, too! When he's happy, he doesn't go tippy-toes on one foot; he leaps into the air into a sort of L shape, swinging his legs right up in front of him!

WOW! I wish I had a gif of that to show y'all...

Michelle got sick around 8:00pm, while I was ICQ-ing with Country Mouse. Then, ten minutes later, black and white bands went across the screen... the music played... Michelle's body began to twitch and bulge in places... and...

She turned into some creature I'd never ever seen before! Wouldn't you know it? And after I'd stolen all those gifs (with permission from the website owner), too!

Her discipline stayed at 100%, but her weight leapt from 20g to 50g! She looks like a cross between the character Pika-Chu from Pocket Monsters, and the old mamechi from Generation 1 of Tamagotchi.

She looks like she has white pointy ears (may only be ribbons) on her head, a rounded snout, four legs, and a tail. She seems to float or hop across the screen, occasionally raising and opening her snout.

*happy sigh*
She's quite adorable, except when she's happy (her feet all splay out in different directions).

I must get the tamagotchi animator (and Win95) asap... I must capture her on-screen before she leaves!

Unfortunately, she's probably going to be mated on February 2nd.

I guess I won't be able to share her sweet face with everyone after all...

I think it's a good, mateable character, though; after it transformed, it didn't need any food or playing for an hour and a half.

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