My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pyonkochi animation

January 31st

A kiwichi animation

Today, I decided to check if Michelle was "mateable" as soon as I woke up.

According to the manual, mateable tamagotchis of a certain age would "act eager" when the mate icon was selected. So, with eyes bleary from a long night of attacking the dog on line (aka "goofing around"), I pressed the b button and selected "Mate".

Suddenly, Michelle went crazy! She began to make beeping noises ("beep bee-bo-BIP bo beep bee-bo-BIP bo...") and running back and forth across the screen. I was terrified, thinking that I had broken her.

However, by selecting the First Aid Icon (even though she didn't need any medicine) I was able to determine that she was, indeed, "acting eager" and ready to mate.

Now all she has to do is wait for Pierce to mature.

I spent most of the day on-line, surfing around and seeking gifs of Michelle. Unfortunately, next-to-nothing turned up. I found a couple of Japanese sites with stuff, but they had sternly worded messages to the effect that anyone stealing their gifs would be very, very sorry. I stole a couple of gif's anyway, and sent at least one person a pleasant little romaji e-mail telling them I had done so. Ofcourse, since the web master is presumably Japanese, I have no idea if he can even read the e-mail.

I also downloaded epocket.exe , the program that allows people to make their own Tamagochi animations. I was hoping that I could use that to create a gif of Michelle; however, I'd also need a computer with Win95 as well as some sort of real drawing utility.

Later, we went to the mall to buy some school supplies, and I decided to stop by Electronic Boutique. I'd heard reports from the now-defunct Tamagotchi-l mailing list (hosted by Athol-brose) that some Tamagotchi Angels (aka Angelgotchi, Tenshichi no Tamagotchi) had been spotted in EB stores in the US.

So, without much hope, I went there and found, among the Nekotcha and Beanie Virtual Pets (VP's that come with a beanbag buddy with pocket to keep them in), a single pearl blue Tamagotchi Angel!!!

It was, at 22.99 CAN, something of a rip-off. After all, the normal tam was selling for the Toys R Us price of 19.99CAN, and Mar-Stev had been selling them for 16.88 CAN. (Mar-Stev also required a $4 shipping and handling fee, and I would have had to pay 2.25 for a money order, as well as who knows how much for postage.)

Anyhow, it was a bit of a rip-off. But it was still an Angelgotchi. So I hurriedly rushed to the cash register and asked if they had any other colors. After a long rummage in the storage room, the young man brought forth a singularly ugly (to my eyes, anyways) Angelgotchi that was a pea-greeny yellow, with gold wings. He rather doubtfully said that it was a sort of greeny jade.

I opted to buy the blue one. On Monday, I intend to give it to a friend and explain that I have done him the favour of purchasing his Valentine's Gift to me.

*giggle giggle* Aren't I the evillest?

PS. I apologize for the lack of Mateable Tamagotchi content here, but there's not much I can do 'til Pierce matures. Speaking of which... my friend raising the Osuchi apparently had to work today. If he paused Pierce again, thus retarding his growth, I may have to hurt him.

This just in from my friend, who used his 15min break to telephone me: according to his verbal description, Pierce appears to have turned into "the bird wearing a fur coat"

This one appears to be a mateable one; while I was hoping for something cuter, I'm quite satisfied with his new form.

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