My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pyonkochi animation

February 1st, 1998

A Kiwichi animation

YAAAAY! My friend just called from work to let me know that Pierce does, in fact, seem mateable! He selected the mate-icon and in response, Pierce closed his eyes and danced around, accompanied by some beeping.

Hopefully, my friend and I can meet tomorrow for Pierce and Michelle's mating.

In other news: I got my very first non-English e-mail! It was from NJWin was acting up again) it looks like he okayed my use of his gifs! He added that he was very happy that I'd acually e-mailed him for his permission.

I must admit, I was quite pleasantly surprised; I hadn't been expecting such a pleasant response so soon. Perhaps I'll try e-mailing the person at media-magic, and see if s/he's (officially) willing to let me steal his/her gifs as well? While I'm at it, I suppose I should provide these links on the Main Page as well as the Mateable Tamagotchi Page (currently a sub-sub-page... Main Page --> Virtual Pet Page --> Mateable Tam page)

Tomorrow, I'm planning to use MediaCraft's Pocket Artist (Tamagotchi Animator for Windows 95: link will be up soon) on my University Computers to try and create a gif of Michelle before she goes back to her home planet. I'm told that there are some computers with Win95 that I can use for free. If all goes well, I'll try and put up the gifs by next Saturday, and I'll attempt provide a link to MediaCraft as well! Wish me luck!

PS. 肉球さん、男性 ですよね? もし 違ったら、ごめんなさい。。。(^*^’)

PPS. All Japanese Characters were written using EUC-JIS. If you have a Japanese Browser, please set it to that; when read using SHIFT-JIS, the above sentences become rather nasty.

PPPS. Somebody asked me, via ICQ, if I had any other character pages besides the Mamechi one. All of my chara pages are accessible through tamachar.htm.

Or, if you prefer playing follow-the-link:
Main Page
Mini Virtual Pet Page
Tamagotchi Characters Page
Whichever character you want to read about!

The babychi, Mamechi and Maskuchi pages are the biggest, since those are the characters I've had the most often; they also feature prominently in much of my source material. I will be updating the Kuchipatchi/Hashizotchi page sometime during this month.

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