My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pyonkochi animation

February 2nd, 1998

A Kiwichi animation

Today, I finally got to see Pierce! His weight was about 30 g, and his discipline was at 75% (went down from 100% as a obochi).

Then, I snuck into the computer lab with Pierce's care-taker, and after a great deal of struggling with the @#$%! Pocket Artist, managed to create a rather shoddy animation of Michelle!

I wasn't able to illustrate her full movement pattern (She sort of hops to one edge of the screen, backs up, hops facing the other way, etc) and couldn't do her happy face either... after all, there was a big line-up behind me.

Afterwards, my friend and I mated Michelle and Pierce! We failed on the first try, because we didn't know how hard to hold them together but it went something like this:

*sigh* they're so cute.... Whenever a poop is cleaned or a game is won (the parents and babies poop at separate times... the baby seems to poop every hour or so), the parent rejoices, then the baby smiles. When they are fed, the mother (all alone on screen) eats first; then the baby appears, and she seem to put something into its mouth by hand. (Pierce appeared to use his mouth instead.)

Here are Pierce and Michelle's babies, Logan and M'iko (named after a Marvel comics hero and his tragic, now-deceased beloved).

Obviously, the ones next to the babies are not Michelle and Pierce! But I couldn't find any pics of the babies on their own, and I haven't had time to make gifs of my own yet.

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