My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pyonkochi animation

February 3rd, 1998

A Kiwichi animation

Deepest apologies. I couldn't access Geocities yesterday, so I wasn't able to link most of my new shtuff.

Sometime around 7:00pm-ish yesterday, M'iko got sick, and I had to give her two doses of medicine. Both she and Michelle got angry at me; it seems that Michelle is "showing her kid the ropes" by demonstrating how to properly be angry/happy etc.

M"iko also got sick today, at 10:51 am.

From what little I've read of Osuchi and Mesuchi, it looks like Michelle and Pierce will leave for their home planet sometime tonight or tomorrow night, possibly at 5 min past midnight.

Oh, and my dad may install Win95 (technically speaking, it's a re-installer for a Compaq Presario that erases the hard drive completely). If he can use it with our computer, he will (after making zip copies of all other programs and files) install it, in which case I can procrastinate even more efficiently by making my own tam movies and animations!

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