My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Petit-Telechi animation

February 5th, 1998

A Petit-Telechi animation

Driven on by who-knows-what, I stayed up until midnight last night, seeing if Michelle was ready to leave for her homeplanet yet. She went to bed as usual, in her futon next to M'iko's little cardboard box (I'm sorry, but no matter how many times I look at it, it looks like a cardboard box to me). But at midnight, when I checked the darkened screen, there was only one ZzZz floating up towards the screen!

I turned on the lights, and saw a wide-awake Michelle doing her little hopping motion next to a sleeping (and restless) baby M'iko. I stared at the screen, unblinking, until 12:05 am, when... BAM! Michelle abruptly vanished and M'iko was all alone. No fancy-schmancy Star Trek special effects for these little aliens; when they "leave for their homeplanet" they sure go in a hurry!

I checked M'iko's health stats, and found that she was now 1 year old, with no hearts or discipline whatsoever!

This morning, when she woke up, I checked her TMP meter and found that she had two crowns... possibly because she's second generation. M'iko spent a busy day eating and exercising, thanks to my desperate need to see what her snack was.

I'll get up a pic of her meal asap... it looks like a little box with a fliptop cover, and something black inside.

M'iko was also repeatedly selfish, a first in any babychi I have ever had. Perhaps tam biology for live-borns are different? She was selfish at 11:50 am (right in the middle of class) and around 2:45 pm (right in the middle of shopping) and again at 5:34 pm (right in the middle of The Simpsons). Since all her hearts were full at the time, I can only assume that she gets jealous if I pay too much attention to anything other than herself.

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