My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Petitchi animation

February 6th, 1998

A Petitchi animation

Sometime around 9:15 am, during my English class, I heard a crazed beeping coming from my pencil bag. As calmly and inconsipicuously as I could (not an easy feat, as I was sitting in the very front row) I reached into my book bag, took out my pencil bag, and nonchalantly peered inside.

M'iko had transformed! Her weight was up to 10 g, so I assume that she is now at maruchi-stage. Her discipline went from 75% to 50%. Her TMP remained unchanged.
A Petitchi
These Gif's are hard to make!

She had a skull near her, so I gave her a dose of medicine and she was all better.

Later in the day, my friend with the Osuchi came by. Logan only had 25% discipline, which didn't change when he transformed around 2:20 pm. M'iko went on to call me selfishly at around 3:30pm and again at around 5:30 pm.

In her babychi form, she looked mad whenever she was scolded, but in her new form she bawls her eyes out! She went to sleep at 8:00pm (same as her babychi stage) with 100% discipline.

Oddly enough, Logan didn't fall asleep until 8:25pm (I know 'cause I was talking with my friend on the phone at the time). He went to sleep with 50% discipline.

So to summarize, the life cycle of a mateable tam seems to be:

My hypothesis is that M'iko will stay a maruchi equivalent until sunday; then she'll be a Kodomo-chi for 3 days (Wednesday) and she should be ready to mate on Thursday.

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