My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Moruchi/Morichi animation

February 8th, 1998

A Moruchi/Morichi animation

I was a little off on my calculations: M'iko transformed at 10:30 am exactly (ie, she stayed a maruchi equivalent for 49 h 15 minutes). Once again, I missed the part where the screen goes black and white, but I did get to see the part where she writhes a bit and you can see her new limbs forming.

She now looks like this:

Kind of robot-like, and a little creepy, really... especially when she's happy. I don't know if I'll be able to get an animation of this, but she sort of springs into the air and appears, momentarily, to have 6 legs.

When she transformed, her discipline dropped from 100% to 25%... possibly because I let her beep for attention maybe twice during her childhood. Since this character looks remarkably like the ones that turned into the Mickey Mouse-like characters, I'm hoping that that's what I'll get.

M'iko was later selfish at 1:30 pm or so, again at 4:45 pm, and finally at 7:45 pm, bringing her discipline up to 100%. She doesn't cry as much as she did before; now she just looks upset.

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