My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Moruchi/Morichi animation

February 10th, 1998

A Moruchi/Morichi animation

Not much has been happenning on the tam front the past few days... I did find out many of the character names from Nikukyuu. Apparently, M'iko is currently a Moruchi (and Logan is a Morichi). This stage isn't very exciting... M'iko always has this blank look on her face now.

I can't wait until she transforms (should be tomorrow, right in the middle of my French class). Once again, I am thankful that Bandai made the game so easy this time around; I just shut my brain off as I move from class to class, and I play with and feed M'iko. I haven't had the chance to make animations of childhood M'iko and Logan; if the person raising the Osuchi doesn't come to see me tomorrow, I'll probably sneak into the computer lab and try to make a couple of animations. I need to fix Michelle's animation, and possibly add her happy face and feeding of M'iko.

Oddly enough, M'iko has not had any extra selfish calls this time around. Possibly because she's actually gone down to zero hearts a couple of times... It's hard to be a selfish brat when you're aware that your caretaker is more than willing to let you starve.

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