My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mimikochi animation

February 11th, 1998

A Marumimichi animation

Urgh! I was so busy adopting on-line net pets (see My Virtual Pet Diary) that I missed M'iko's transformation!

I decided to check on her around noon-ish as I left the Computer Lab, and discovered that:

  1. She had transformed,
  2. She was sick, and
  3. She had a poop by her side!

I hurriedly gave her a dose of medicine, and flushed her clean. Then I checked her stats. Her weight had gone up to 30 grams, her discipline had dropped from 100% to 75%, and her TMP (Tamagotchi Power) remained unchanged. I checked only because someone who got the unmateable character on the first try had their TMP jump from 1 crown to 4 (the maximum amount)... which brings up the question of, "Just what is TMP anyway?" Someone (whom I dislike intensely because he said that Mothra was "Godzilla's enemy" and "nested on something that looks like the Eiffel Tower"... WAKE UP BUDDY! This is Mothra we're talking here... as in Japanese monster?! Japan, as in Tokyo, as in TOKYO TOWER?!?! Rant ends) suggested that it was Tamagotchi Mating Power, which doesn't explain why it goes up for the one unmateable chara (yet seems to go down for bad characters). These Tams are so mysterious...

M'iko's adult form is known as Mimikotchi (roughly translates into "Ear-ie Girl"). I hope to get a better animation of her soon (the *&% computer lab with Win95 was all full), but here's a pic of her from the mediamagic site.

A Mimikochi!

Her face is a lot bigger than I expected, and she looks a little funny while playing the game (her eyes scrunch up, and she stays motionless in the air) but she's quite adorable. I think that she looks a little like the blushing Mika-chu on the back of my Osuchi Packaging (will steal pic asap).

She is the first chara I've ever gotten that wears a skirt (well, duh... she's only my second character overall), and I suspect that she might be "genetically" related to the Ohjyohchi (lit. "Well-bred Young Lady")
An Ojochi!

Her arms and legs are quite a bit skinnier now, but when she eats she looks almost identical... maybe if the Ohjyoh-chi got rid of the ribbons and put her hair up in little Princess-Leia buns? She also looks a little like Minnie Mouse.

Hmmmm... I seem to have a lot of luck getting trademarked character look-alikes. First the Albino Pika-chu, then Minnie Mouse... Maybe I'll try for Hello Kitty next?

M'iko called again at around 3:45 pm or so, right as I was designing a little virtual carnivore (will find url later). It seems that she has retained her uncanny ability to make selfish calls at the exact moment when I'm trying to care for another virtual or net-pet. When I found all of M'iko's meters to be full, and scolded her, she looked peeved, and then cried. While crying, her eyes went funny, somewhat like this:
A Marumimichi in shock.
Her Discipline is now at 100%. I wonder if Michelle (who stayed at 100% after her adult transformation, weighed a whopping 50 grams, and does not appear to have an official tama-name) was some sort of secret character? If anyone has gotten this character

please let me know.

It later turned out that this character was Pyonkochi, one of the basic 1 TMP Mesuchi. Not a secret character... darn!

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