My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mimikochi animation

February 14th, 1998

A Marumimichi animation

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
A Valentines Ginjirochi!

I've spent a busy day... since the person raising the osuchi unexpectedly fell ill, and since my dad has had to work on the computer (still trying to install Win95), I haven't had much time to update stuff.

I hatched my gen1 tams today at 11:00 am, and had a heck of a time caring for them. I'll try to write that all up in my Virtual Pet Diary, if I get a crack at the computer any time soon.

I also spoke on the phone with the person raising the Osuchi, and found out that Logan (M'iko's mate-to-be) had turned into a Marumimichi
A Marumimichi!?
the male equivalent of the Mimikochi. Woohoo! He says that Logan's ready to mate, so it looks like we might be mating them tomorrow when we see each other.

Since I'll be busy for most of tomorrow, the Gen1 tams will be paused... I may start up my Tamagotchi Angel (I've started a character page for them and everything!) but I may not, considering what heck that would be. Perhaps I'll wait until the Gen1s are adults.... Since they hatched today, they should be adults by the 20th, giving me about a weekend to start on the Tamagotchi Angel (as well as my two essays due on the 23rd, which I have yet to start :P).

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