My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mimikochi animation

February 15th, 1998

A Marumimichi animation

Today was my real Valentine's Day, in the sense that Mi'ko and I got to see Logan, as well as his owner's family (except for his owner's mother, who was unwell and unable to attend).

Logan had become a mighty mouse-like Marumimichi, perfectly complementing M'iko.

They mated (where else?) in the back-seat of Logan's owner's dad's car, on the way home. Things went slightly more smoothly, since we knew how hard to hold them together. When M'iko gave birth to her twins, Logan went crazy with joy!

The babies are, I think, the characters called Petit-Choco-chi.
a Petit Choco Chi!

Logan's owner described them as "kinda like kittens", while my sister described them as "like the parents, only their colours are reversed".

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