My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mimikochi animation

February 16th, 1998

A Marumimichi animation

You know, I'd almost forgotten what trouble baby-chi can be...

M'iko's little baby (no name yet, but we'll probably follow my original idea and name them *Bell-chan and Kei-chan) got sick over three times today! This might have been because I was too busy helping my mom shop, making dinner, fooling around on the internet, etc., to care for them too much... at one point in time, M'iko was down to 1 happy heart! Even worse, she actually got sick today, at 3:54 pm!

The good news is that I got a chance to make rather shoddy animations of M'iko and her baby. I may eventually replace all of my stolen images with my own (rather bulky and unattractive) original GIFs.

I also now have Front Page Express... maybe that has a gif-maker?


This is a rather complicated and not-very-amusing pun.
Belldandy and Keiichi Morisato are two principal characters in a manga (and later animated series of videos) called "Ah! Megamisama" or "Oh! My Goddess". Basically, a short, loser-ish college student named Keiichi accidentally dials the "Goddess Hotline" while trying to order some noodles (or something; it's been a while since I saw this) over the phone. In response to his call, a beautiful young Norse Goddess called Belldandy descends from the heavens to grant him one wish. Keeichi, hardly daring to believe his luck, half-jokingly wishes for her to be his girlfriend...

Bell-chan and Kei-chan, then, are obvious nicknames for these characters, "chan" being an affectionate diminuitive affix... eg. if you were friends with someone named Emi, you might call her Emi-chan. Males usually get the affix "-kun" instead, although this is used only to social or chronological lesser. Very young boys may also be called "-chan" (but you'd better be reeeeal good friends with them).

But "Bell" is also a Japanese slang term for a beeper (beeper="pocket bell"="poke-beru" [POH-kay BER-roo]="beru"/"bell"... Japanese etymology is really quite complex), which Tamagotchis are often mistaken for... and vice versa. "Kei" is part of "Kei-tai" meaning portable; early tamagotchi touted themselves as Kei-tai pets or portable pets (proving once and for all that Tamagotchi were never meant to replace live pets... they were meant as a sort of portable extension of the little creatures we so love to love).

Thus, a pun, or double-meaning. Not very funny, but somewhat clever and educational (and full of subliminal messages designed to make you WATCH MORE ANIME).

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