My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mimikochi animation

February 17th, 1998

A Marumimichi animation

M'iko's baby, Bell-chan, got sick about 3 times today. That was about as exciting as things got on the Osuchi/Mesuchi front....

(Extemporal update: I'm writing this on the 18th, and I just noticed that Bell-chan is on her own. Her new meal is triangular rice cakes [SAN-ka-ku O-ni-gi-ri] and her snack is odango [um... I think they're some kind of mochi or something rolled into balls, then dipped into some sweet coating... "Odango-atama" was one of Tuxedo Mask's affectionate nicknames for Usagi/Sailor Moon]).

Also, I hatched my Tamagotchi Angel, and named it *HolyBell after the angelic helper of Belldandy.

And I tried to use Front Page Express to make a family tree page for the osuchi/mesuchi, but I messed up while naming the files, so I think I accidentally destroyed one or two.

* Explanation:

Belldandy and Keiichi Morisato are two principal characters in a manga (and later animated series of videos) called "Ah! Megamisama" or "Oh! My Goddess". Basically, a short, loser-ish college student named Keiichi accidentally dials the "Goddess Hotline" while trying to order some noodles ('er sumthin... bin a while since I saw this) over the phone. In response to his call, a beautiful young Norse Goddess called Belldandy descends from the heavens to grant him one wish. Keeichi, hardly daring to believe his luck, half-jokingly wishes for her to be his girlfriend...

Among other things, she has two sisters (Urd, half-demon Goddess of the Past, and baby-sister Skuld, technophiliac Goddess of the Future). All full-fledged Goddesses of a certain rank are given Angels, which seem to be a kind of back-up reservoir of Goddess-ly magic. Belldandy's self-elected Rival Peorth has a sultry Angel; Belldandy has a singing angel, HolyBell (or Holly Bell. The former is more likely, although the latter has been used in some translations) who has been seen singing harmony with Belldandy while healing a tree through song, and has also been used as part of a defensive spell; Urd has been seen on a manga cover with a half-white, half-black-winged angel; and in one episode little Skuld is given/steals/accidentally swallows an Angel Egg, which hatches into the tiny Noble Scarlett (about 3 inches tall).

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