My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A PetitChocochi animation

February 18th, 1998

A PetitChocochi animation

I was so busy checking e-mails, etc, that I didn't even look at my Mesuchi until 9:30 or so. It was then that I noticed that Bell-chan was all alone on her screen, and dangerously lacking in hearts. Her new meal is triangular rice cakes (SAN-ka-ku O-ni-GI-ri) and her snack seems to be odango (no translation available at this time, but it's a sticky rice cake rolled into a ball, which usually comes on a stick in threes. Very sweet.)

She has three TMP crowns, and got ill around 7 pm. She was selfish three times, and went to bed with 75% discipline.

I fed her 4 snacks: one to see for myself what the new snack was, another to show my friend what it was, another to show my sister, and the last by accident.

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