My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Mizutamachi animation

February 21st, 1998

A Batabachi animation

Bell-chan transformed at around 11:00 am.

Her discipline went from 100+ % to 50 %, and her weight increased to 20 grams (not a noticeable change, since Bell-chan was already a chubby 18 grams, thanks to all those snacks!).

She now looks like this:

A Batabachi
She is the character known as Batabachi ("Flappina"). I think Kei-chan will become a Propeller-chi sometime tomorrow.

I was a little sad that my earlier prediction (that my Mesuchi would continue to transform into characters trademarked by other companies, such as Pikachu and Minnie Mouse) was proved wrong.

However, the adult mesuchi which seems to be the grown-up version of Batabachi (Pipochi), looks a teensy bit like Fin-fin! Once again, my prediction is (forcibly?) proved right!

A Pipochi/Finfin?

Bell-chan was selfish at least once following her transformation.

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