My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pipochi animation

February 25th, 1998

A Pipochi animation

Sigh... Bell-chan called me for the first time ever (as an adult) today... She had empty happy hearts and one hungry heart.
I can't believe I let her drop so low... I think I must be getting tired or something. That said, I just read on an old page of Nikukyuu's that he'd been raising 8 (!) tam related things at a time, so...

Also, Bell-chan is definitely mateable... I tested her (with sound off) in the library as I adopted yet another virtual on-line pet, and she was dancing around like anything when I chose the mate icon.

Hmmm... other mesuchi news... I got an e-mail from at least one other person who has the same colour pair as me and my friend. Also I got confirmation of the existence of a Japanese Osuchi Mesuchi book (MUST FIND! MUST BUY!!!) and I also got the addy to the so-net page, with illustrations of osuchi and mesuchi. Now all I gotta do is download them, and find a way to separate the pictures.

If anyone knows how I can do this
*briefly hides face in shame of own computer illiteracy*
please e-mail me. I KNOW there's gotta be some shareware program (preferably for Win95 or Win31) that I can use to edit GIFs...

Ooh! News Update! Nikukyuu tells me that Mori no Tamagotchi/Mori de Hakken (aka Forest Tams, Garden Tams) were released on the 22nd! Apparently Japanese Tama-love died after the release of Osuchi and Mesuchi... so Nikukyuu and others have had a pretty easy time getting them. It looks like there are two different types of eggs; wander around Nikukyuu's page, and you might be able to find them! When you do find them, try clicking on them.

Also Bandai America has made little press release-sorta ad things for Garden and Ocean Tams. I'd been looking forward to the release of Ocean Tams (correction: I'd been looking forward to the release of tam whales, dolphins and penguins, possibly sea otters) but was disappointed to discover that the characters were most uncute. I'd seen the pics in a Japanese newspaper ad for Gameboy Tam 2 (Forest and Ocean), but the illustrations of Kingyo-chi (Goldfish) and the clam and the jellyfish looked CUTE, d@rn it!

I may end up buying the Garden Tams, which I initially mocked... only Bandai seems to have chosen singularly garish colours for these, as well. Perhaps they're trying to go for summery colours...

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