My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pipochi animation

February 26th, 1998

A Pipochi animation

I had a mid-term exam this morning, from 8:30 to 9:50 am... at least, that's how long it should have been.

I finished by 9:15 or so, and promptly trotted off to the computer labs where I read e-mail, took care of my tams, etc.

I met the Osuchi caretaker around noon-ish, and I finally got to see Kei-chan again! My friend updated me on how Kei-chan had been doing. Apparently, his discpline went from 100 or 75% to 25% with each transformation, except his final one (went from 100% to 75%). Apparently, while a Propeller-chi Kei-chan would, when scolded, turn his back on his owner and try (unsuccessfully) to hide his tears.

What was really interesting was that as an adult Kabuchi
A Kabuchi!
Kei-chan was 30 grams in weight, a whole 10 grams heavier than Bell-chan. Does this mean that Bell-chan's just unusually light for her age, or did I mistreat her, or what? After all, with most tams it seem that heavy = healthy and well-behaved (witness the 30-unit-in-weight Mame/Mimichi, Ginjiro/Pochichi, and Masuku/Zukichi vs. 10 unit Nyorochi)...

We mated them, after feeding and playing games with them. The Kabuchi motion is very cute, by the way, and not dissimilar to the Ginjirochi. They were very cute while dancing around joyfully, and were even cuter when celebrating the birth of their babies!

A Petit Telechi Chibi-chi

It was theorized by Nikukyuu that these might be characters appearing exclusively in the prototype version, since he couldn't find a name for them in his book. However, since mine are very much store-bought, I will have to make a name for them myself.

I'm tentatively calling this one a Chibi-chi, just because it's tiny ("chibi") and cute. Note the difference between the "Chibi-chi" and the "Chapeau-chi"

A Telechi

The things on Chibi-chi's head appear to be ears or antennae; when it's ill, they sort of flop over and bend at a 90 degree angle... I know this because the little baby got sick today during a workshop I attended

I later found out that 'Chibichi' was a Petit-Telechi, and that "Chapeau-Chi" was a Telechi.

Similar, but different.

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