My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Pipochi animation

February 27th, 1998

A Pipochi animation

Urgh. Midterm exam in French... did badly... so tired... Anaethema and Air Razor beeped very loudly in the middle of it, embarrassing me quite a bit...

In Mesuchi news, what little time I wasn't spending trying to find all my lost e-mail (my hotmail e-mail provider ate about 10 unread e-mails. If you sent me anything from the 25th to the 27th, please re-send!) I spent cooing over Bell-chan and her baby (babies to be named by my friend in the near future). Unlike my previous mesuchi, Bell-chan doesn't appear to use her hands when feeding her baby. It's very cute nonetheless. One thing that's bothering me, though: supposedly, when you overfeed your osu/mesu until its weight goes over 99 grams, the screen fills up with Debuchi, the chubby face. So what happens if you do that to a mother-and-child couple? One big face, or two? Unfortunately, I don't have the courage to test this out...

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