My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

Petit Telechi

March 1st, 1998

Petit Telechi

I think I might have caught a cold yesterday. Let that be a lesson to all you kiddies out there; NEVER finish off a day tramping around in the rain and waiting for buses by staying up 'til 3am in front of a computer.
Now where was I? Oh yes.

My still un-named mesuchi (partly my fault... I forgot to call my friend with the Osuchi today, despite the message he left on my voicemail last night, and it's his turn to name the babies... ) was on her own 'til 10 am or so, since I overslept (see above).
When I did take care of Little Nameless, I discovered that she ate G1 bread and G2 strawberry shortcake for her meal and snack. She has been selfish three times so far; twice when all her hearts were full and once when they were at 50%. Rather than crying, this baby-chi looks upset/peeved, then surprised. She should transform noon-ish tomorrow. I'm looking forward to what teen character she will become (I'm already fairly sure that she will turn into this
A Haruchi!

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