My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary


March 3rd
Happy Girls Day!


Today is the Japanese Holiday known as Hinamatsuri, or Girls' Day (also known as the Cherry Blossom Festival, etc). My tams (currently all female) celebrated by seeing her future mate, being well taken care of for once, and returning to her home planet. Guess which did what?

The good news is, I got a link to Bandai Japan's new Osuchi Mesuchi page. A rather complicated chart showing the various forms is constructed so that you click on the picture in the chart in the top frame, to see more info on the character in the bottom frame. The only problem is, the web browser at school can't translate the characters into Japanese! I could only see the names of the characters, which were part of the gif chart. I had to download the page and save it after I arrived at home.

I'm in the process of translating this page, and I hope to upload it on to either my page or the Osuchi/Mesuchi Family Tree HeadQuarters page. It only shows up to the 3rd generation, which means that the HQ page isn't totally useless.
The text portion of the page is now at My Osuchi Mesuchi Info Page on my server.

I also got an e-mail from Nikukyuu, letting me know that he'd updated his page to include more Osu/Mesu names that he'd discovered. These include:

Petit Telechi
Petit-Telechi ("little Tele")

Haru-chi ("spring")

Kuribochi ("chestnut" + "well-mannered young gentleman")

Pyukichi (?anagram of Kewpie?)

Cho-Mamechi ("super mamechi")

My Original Picture!
Cho-Himechi ("super princess")

And these names, I found at the Bandai site:

Telechi ("shy", "bashful" or "telephone")

Petitchi ("little")

Thanks, Nikukyuu! And thanks to Vickie for telling me about the page! And a million curses upon the head of he who said, "Hmmm... let's take all the cool pages like Virtual Dog and Swineonline and Bandai Japan and make them Netscape only!"

In real tam news, the Osuchi Owner finally decided on names; his osuchi was to be Miles, and my mesuchi was to be Keiko. (Both characters on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.) It's rather odd that 3 out of our 4 osu/mesu couples have been named after Caucasian male/Asian female couples...

Keiko was selfish twice today, bringing her meter up to... 150%, I think. She went to bed with 50% everything else. I suppose I should try to take better care of her.

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