My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary


March 4th


Today is my sister's birthday, and I had to do a little last minute shopping for her.
Also I lost my zippered pouch containing my lipstick, my bus pass, and my student card, and I had to go downtown to pick it up.

As a result, today was something of a non-tam day. I really didn't get to explore or play too much with my Angel or my Mesuchi.

That's not to say that there weren't any Osuchi/Mesuchi developments! Today at 10:34 am, Keiko tranformed from:

Haru-chi ("spring")

Pyukichi (?anagram of Kewpie?)

Her discpline went from 100+ % to 50 %, and her weight went up to 20 grams. It feels odd to have a humanoid tamagochi... I still remember when I had the two US Gen1 Secret characters at the same time.
Maybe that's why I have a hard time taking Bill Clinton seriously... I keep expecting him to turn his back on the camera, wiggle his bum side to side, and ask people to guess which way he'll look.

Anyhow, this unusual, kuriten-like character twirls across the screen, much like the Kabuchi did. She seems to always have her right foot in the air; even when she's jumping for joy, the right foot never touches the ground. When she eats, she actually uses her hand (paw?) to scoop the food into her mouth, and when angry her ears? horns? pigtails? seem to stretch, just like Batabachi's ears used to do.

When playing the game, she turns her back on you, just like the US Gen1 secret character did, but she actually turns around when displaying her anger or joy.

I can't wait to see the drawn pics for this one...

Keiko was selfish once, bringing her discipline up to 75%. When she was scolded, she knotted her arms behind her and cried.

I believe that (since Miles is a couple of hours slower than Keiko) he'll transform later tonight. Since there are only two (mateable) characters left that I've seen animations and names for (Cho-Mamechi the bunny and Cho-Himechi the crowned kitten), I think ours might turn into those characters. They should both turn into their adult forms... lessee... 73 hours from now, so... Saturday evening or so. They should be definitely mateable by Sunday the 8th.
but I don't think I'll be able to see Miles until the 10th or the 12th... prolly the 12th, since I've got a dentist appointment on the 10th. WAAAAH!

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