My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary


March 6th


[I'm actually writing this on the 7th... so my tenses may be a little screwed up]

I missed a class while waiting for my friend and his Osuchi to show up today. When he came, he brought with him some bad news: Miles, the White and Green osuchi, had crash-landed on to the floor earlier that week, and as a result his sound was messed up.

The music for the game and other sounds were fine, but the sound when a button is pressed was longer and more drawn out.

Otherwise, Miles was in perfect health, and was a
A Kuribochi!
Kuribochi. When he eats, he closes his eyes, and when he's happy, he jumps up with both feet in the air, just like the obochi did! His discipline was at 100%, even though Keiko's discipline is only at 75%.

Hmmm... that's the exact same as last time. In that case, Miles should have his weight go up to 30 grams if/when he becomes a Cho-mamechi, and Keiko should stay the same.

Oh! And I finished translating the Osuchi Mesuchi Personality profiles. I don't have any info on Petit Telechi, Haruchi, Kuribochi, Pyukichi, Cho-mamechi or Cho-Himechi, though...

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