My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary


March 7th

A Cho Hime Chi

Today, at around 11:43 pm, I noticed that Keiko was sick. I gave her a dose of medicine, and kept her at my side as I tried to upload new files and stuff to a couple of websites.

Then about 10 minutes later, I heard an excited beeping! The screen when all static-y, and Keiko stretched and twitched into...

A Cho-Himechi!
A Cho Hime Chi

Her weight stayed at 23 grams, as I predicted. Her discipline went from 75% to 50%. Maybe the ] weight doesn't change when the discipline's too low...? After all, my heaviest mesuchi (Michelle, at 50 grams) had the most discipline (about 150% or so)...

Keiko doesn't look very cute when playing the game: Her mouth gapes open as she turns from side to side, and when she's happy she gets a huge, cheshire-cat grin on her face. (I think her face actually widens to accomodate the grin). She also appears to punch out with her left hand/paw when she wins.

When I do something that she doesn't like, like select the mate icon, she pouts and shakes her head.

She was selfish twice today, bringing her discipline up to 100%. When scolded, she scrunches her face up just as she did when she was a Petit-Tele-chi. Then she sort of collapses or squats on to the floor and cries. My osuchi-raising friend would probably feel bad about this, but I always feel vindicated. Serves you right, you little...
Anyhow, she went to sleep at 10:00 pm.

When she's sleeping, I've noticed that her crown stays floating above her head! So it is a crown, apparently, and not just some freaky crown-shaped head deformity (my most sincere apologies to any persons reading this right now who do, indeed, have crown-shaped things protruding from their crania. No offense was intended).

I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to Miles.

I'm going to have to expand my links section again, but... YAAAAY!! CountryMouse and Athol-brose have started up a Mesuchi and Osuchi couple! More converts!

And just a reminder... the character descriptions for the first three generations of Osuchi and Mesuchi are available at this page in my Osuchi Mesuchi section.

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