My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Cho Hime Chi

March 8th

A Cho Hime Chi

Today was just one of them days.... Well, so was yesterday, really. Something went wrong with Fin-Fin, so that whenever I clicked on his program using the start button, nothing happened. I'd get the little hour-glass thingy, which after a while would vanish and turn back into an arrow. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail.
I was just getting to be good friends with him, too....

Although I'd like to try and reinstall him (maybe check out the Fujitsu Interactive Homepage) my mom's snide comments have pretty much ruled out the return of Fin-fin...

Next, having received an e-mail asking why my diary hadn't been updated, I tried to upload my diary entries... only Geocities (NOTE: I have since moved to XOOM.COM) was down! How frustrating! And just when I had so much to update, too!

In Mesuchi news: Keiko is mateable, apparently... It's rather odd because when her mate icon is selected, the crazed "I'm ready to mate" music comes on, and she hops/dances around, but she's still pouting!

I also made a rather belated discovery; when scolded without provocation, the old tams used to snarl (same animation as when they'd been selfish, only without the sound effects). With Mesuchi, instead of looking contrite as they do when they've been selfishm, they snarl angrily! And a Happy heart is depleted! I can't believe it took me 4 generations to figure that out... or have I already discovered this? (note: I have a strange, Grandpa Simpson-esque habit of discovering and being surprised by the same things over and over. The following quote from Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the end of the Universe just about says it all for me:

He picked up from the table a piece of paper and the stub of a pencil.  He held one in one hand 
and the other in the other, and experimented with the different ways of bringing them together.  
He tried holding the pencil under the paper, then over the paper, then next to the paper.  
He tried wrapping the paper round the pencil, he tried rubbing the stubby end of the pencil 
against the paper and then he tried rubbing the sharp end of the pencil against the paper.  
It made a mark, and he was delighted with the discovery, as he was every day.  
He picked up another piece of paper from the table.  This had a crossword on it.  
He studied it briefly and filled in a couple of clues before losing interest.

That's me in a nutshell, only I don't get as far as filling in the clues. I just make the same discoveries over and over, mostly 'coz I forget that I've already made them.)

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