My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Cho Hime Chi

March 9th, 1998

A Cho Hime Chi

Good news and bad news: I received an E-mail from the person charged with raising my Osuchi, and he informed me that Miles the Osuchi had, for lack of a better term, passed on. Apparently, he was discovered Saturday-ish with some gibberish on the screen, the letters AM and then, nothing. The screen just conked out. My "friend" has since tried resetting Miles, to no avail, and at last contact was planning on taking the battery cover off to check if the batteries had leaked or anything. Some e-mails from the Tamagotchi Mailing List seems to confirm his suspicion that it's something to do with the batteries.

I hope to meet with him tomorrow-ish with some fresh batteries. Hopefully all will be well. If not, I may have to hurt someone. I'm not quite sure who.

Further bad news: my friend's first e-mail from Transmetal Phoenix, his Technosphere Monster was that it had died of starvation.

And my dad apparently spent a fruitless day trying to reinstall Fin-Fin (apparently the computer won't let him copy the uninstall file).
I seem to have some sort of aura of virtual pet death around me...

In any case, tomorrow's outcomes will largely determine whether the Osuchi/Mesuchi Diary will continue. If there is no hope of reviving the Osuchi, I'm not certain as to whether there's any point in continuing with the Mesuchi (there are only 5 adult forms I can get on first gen... Pyonkochi, Gankochi, Kikochi, Bunkochi, and the unmateable one). Wish me luck!

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