My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Cho Hime Chi

March 10th, 1998

A Cho Hime Chi

Today was an interesting day. My one single class that I have today (8:30 am to 10:00 am) was cancelled, because the professor felt so ill that all he could do was hand us our mid-term exams back. I didn't do as well as I hoped: I only got 44 out of 50.

Ah well; I'll just have to do better on the final exam.

I then spent a lot of time on-lione trying to add links and otherwise improve my tam pages, without having to do too much actual work. I also searched for a free mailing list service, but only one of the 350 sites I checked had much to do with the kind of mailing list I had in mind.

As a result, I was late for my rendez-vous with the Osuchi owner. I missed him, since he'd gone looking for me, but we eventually found each other. An interesting thing happened, though; he brought both "Miles" and a screwdriver, but the screwdriver was HUGE compared to the actual screws, giving me a chance to be annoyed and rather cross (as opposed to apologetic for being late). Poor fool... He saved his own hide by suggesting that I take "Miles" hostage until he returned my Gargoyles video tapes. Also he looked very very sad and depressed at having brought the wrong screwdriver and having "killed Miles". Take note, gentlemen: when working with certain persons of the opposite gender it often helps to look very sad and puppy-like.

At 1:30 pm, I had a dentist appointment, so my Osuchi-killing friend didn't have a chance to make it up for me by buying me lunch. He accompanied me to the dentist's office, though.

Once I got safely home, I rushed to my dad's tool-kit in the garage and got out his teeny-tiny screw driver (sorry about the technical jargon there
*wink*) and removed Miles' battery cover. I popped out the old batteries, popped in the new ones, and tried to screw on the cover. Immediately, a familiar long beep sounded, and when I finished screwing on the cover (I messed up though... I think the screws went in a little crooked, so I may have to fix it later) I saw the familiar old egg on the screen!

Since I had paused Keiko at 11:55 am, I set both the Osuchi and Mesuchi clock to 3:35 pm and started them simultaneously. Miles' sound was back to normal; whenever I pressed a button, I heard a normal beep rather than the long drawn-out dull one.

I'm trying to keep Miles' hearts at a constant level of 2 or higher. I'm secretly aiming for a Pyonchichi... But since I'll have to relinquish him on Friday when my friend brings me the tapes
I'm not sure if I can manage it. After all, Miles Junior won't turn into an adult until Sunday.

Meanwhile, I'm planning to keep Keiko paused on a regular basis. I know it's cheating, but I'm not confident enough of my parenting skills to be sure of keeping her alive 'til next Monday by natural means. I plan to pause her during my school hours, and play with her during the evening (4:00-ish to 10:00 pm). In the meantime, I'm letting the two "bond" by exchanging their mating port covers.

SHOOT! I just noticed that I'd been feeding Keiko cake instead of bread! No wonder she keeps getting hungry! *sigh* It's going to be interesting, caring for 2 aging v-pets and a newborn at the same time...

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