My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Cho Hime Chi

March 12th, 1998

An obochi

Ah! Finally some computer time in which to update the ol' diary! (I've been busy for the past few days... and will be even busier in the next two weeks, what with a big essay and exam coming up in each of my courses, resumes and cover letters to send out, etc.) However, I hope to be able to upload entries for important days (eg. when a tam dies, transforms, or is born). The more mundane days will probably get skipped.

Miles Junior, who I have decided to forcibly rename "Elvis" (after his hair and also as a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine joke. DS9 Fans will get it; everyone else will just have to be satisfied with the joke about the hair). Yes, Miles Junior/Elvis became an obochi today! Right during my workshop, just as I predicted! When given a shot, his face sort of puffs up and looks angry. He also does the same thing when scolded for his selfishness. A little ingrate, he is... Look forward to scolding him more, I will.

His discipline went from 175% to 50%, and his weight went up to 20 grams. When happy, he lifts both feet into the air and opens his mouth, as though shouting. This is in direct contrast to Michelle the ojochi, who daintily lifted one foot and sort of did a pirouette while smiling.

His eating animation is the same as an ojochi, though. All in all, I'm going to miss him when I have to return him to his Osuchi-killing owner...

Meanwhile, Keiko was paused from 6:15 am to 8:25 pm (a total of 14 h 10). She was well-cared for in the 1 h and 35 minutes that she was actually active

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