My Osuchi and Mesuchi Diary

A Cho Hime Chi

March 12th, 1998

An obochi

Friday the 13th... All in all, a day more interesting for what I missed out of laziness than anything else. I was so busy checking e-mails that I missed my French class. Having done that, I tried to fix the links on my webpage (some of the pics were "broken") and nearly missed a rendez-vous with my Osuchi-owning pal! And later, I was busy having my Osuchi-owning/killing pal buy me dinner that I missed an anime showing (one that I was attending for the sole purpose of voting in my friend Emperor Fred as President... sorry, Fred! A thousand apologies!)

Fortunately or not, he did bring the videos that I asked him to return, so I had to relinquish "Elvis". He had written me a very nice e-mail thanking me for saving "Miles", so I couldn't complain too much. Also he later bought me an ice cream (Choc' o' the Irish, at Baskin Robbins). Lesson Number Two to all the gents out there: If the sad puppy-look fails, try chocolate (or strawberry, or insert-name-of-her-favourite-flavour-here) icecream and a written statement of how wonderful your lady is. It'll usually do the job.

In the definite unfortunate/unlucky category, Keiko was paused from 6:45 pm to 9:45 pm. In the 15 minutes remaining to her before bed-time, she somehow managed to get ill! She was sitting on her haunches and looking quite nauseous: I had to give her two shots (and make her stand up and snarl twice) before she got better!

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