It is not without some misgivings that you approach the men and women dressed in green finery. As you come closer, you can make out their words...

"No, no, NO!" cries one young woman, stomping her foot. "You just don't get it! If you'd stop and think for a moment--"

"But it's traditional to rob the rich and give to the poor," a tall man plaintively says. "That's the way it was in my father's day, and his father's day, and--"

"Do you ever think?" the young woman demands. "If you had the least inkling of how a large-scale economy works, you'd see that the best method of wealth distribution would be to attack the rising middle class, and--"

A younger man clutching a harp to his chest sulks. "I still don't see why we can't just hold a charity concert, and give the proceeds to the poor. That way, we won't have to rob anyone."

"Were you even listening to me? I've already explained why simply giving money to the poor doesn't work! The problem isn't that they lack money, the real problem is that--"

"Wait, wait, wait," says the tall man. "Now I'm all confused. You're saying that the poor aren't poor because they don't have money?"

"Yes! No! ARGH!" The young woman turns to you with a look of desperation. "You look like a sensible man. Why don't you settle this for us?"




Rob the Rich | Rob the Rising Middle-Class | Do a Charity Concert